Your child’s exposure to music teaches a variety of skills, improves language skills and increases attention span. Here is a sample of a current Nammy Jammy program, “Fall into the Fun!” Take a look at what skills each song offers:

Hello Everybody
Call and response – Matching pitch – Vocal dynamics

Chant with rhythm – Following along – Duple rhythm and triple rhythm

Early in the Morning
Repetitive language – Sequencing – Daily routines – Sing-a-long

Shake Your Sillies Out
Following lyric content – whold body movement – Introduction to quarter, half and whole beats with picture cards

Autumn Leaves*
Creative movement with scarves – Whole body movement – Descending scale

Carnival of the Animals Aquarium – Saint-Saens
Listening to different music styles and genre – Creative movement with scarves – Descending scales – Emotion response

Biddy Biddy
Instrument play with egg shakers – Stopping and starting together following baton – Following rhythm and speed of the baton – Pitch matching

Allee Galloo
Fun with adult – Silly words – Experiment with vocal range

Grey Squirrel*
Singing along with the song – Use puppet as prop interacting with children – Descending scale – Use tone bells to illustrate descending pattern

Goodbye So Long Farewell
Sing along with the song – Include each child’s name

*Want to sing along with your children? Visit the LYRICS Page so you and your children can enjoy anytime!