I wish you would sing to me all day long. I want you to put your face close to mine and look into my eyes and sing with a mouth that’s big and expressive. I hope you will also hold me and dance and tap lightly on my arms and legs. I want this sweet rhythmic movement several times a day. I’m an infant.

I want you to sing and play musically while you change my diaper, while we ride in the car, while you dance with me, when we go for a walk, when we take bath. I love the stuff of music – the red drum. the sound that comes out of the speakers, the songs with silly sneezes and funny movements. I love to bounce up and down when I hear music! I love being swung to slow music or bounced to fast music or danced with in a circle. I’m a toddler.

I wish I could do it myself and I can. I can remember the words to songs – the tune, too. I can enter my own world and sing to myself for hours or play in my own one-person band. I like the way I make music, I like to watch others make music, and I’d like to do some of the things the music teacher does. I really love it when my family will dance and play instruments with me. I’m a three-year-old.

Music is one of my specialties. I love learning exactly how to do a clapping pattern or a dance step. I like to play instruments the real way. I love to practice the things I’m interested in, and I know when I get things “right” according to me. I’m attracted to other kids who can do great things in music, and I’m beginning to feel like I need music every day and maybe for the rest of my life. I’m four-and-a-half, and proud of it.

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